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Hallmarks of Profound Leaders(hip)

Posted by Aaron Webber on Feb 20, 2015 4:17:00 PM


I have been pondering A LOT lately some of the Hallmarks of Profound Leaders or Leadership (the ACT of leading).   Here’s my work-in-progress summary of effective leadership skills. More to come …(to add to the list and to augment each already on it):

  1. They "mow their own lawns"
  2. They do not "believe their own press releases"
  3. They are adroit communicators
  4. They understand, and practice, the fact that “Little Things DO Matter”
  5. They have BIG goals but yet don’t lose sight of the detail(s)
  6. They know how to “let go”
  7. They “KNOW”
  8. They “Love All, Serve All”
  9. They “What Ere Thou Art, …Act Well Their Part…” They “DO”
  10. They appreciate and practice “Unexpected Recognition
  11. They have a “report to” person or Mentor
  12. They are well read
  13. They understand the difference between “busy” and “effective”
  14. They “…Haste towards their Goliaths…”

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